Flèche Nordique 2021

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Flèche Nordique 2021

Inläggav Daniel Ridings » 21-01-25 10:59

Det är, förstås, ändrade planer för flèche i år. Det blir av, men under andra former än vanligt.

Flèche brukar ha ett gemensamt mål i Skövde, uppe på Billingehus.

Kortfattat: Flèche kan köras i alla de nordiska länderna, samt Hamburg området om så önskas. Varje nordiskt land kan organisera 5 målplatser. Förslag för Sverige är: Malmö, Göteborg, Skövde, Stockholm, Umeå.

Datum är gemensamt för alla. Start 22/5 kl. 10 och mål 23/5 kl. 10.

Detta skickade jag ut till de nordiska representanterna. Det är på engelska eftersom några av representanterna föredrar det.

------------------------- quote -------------------

I mentioned at our meeting of ACN last autumn that flèche would be held. From the minutes:

Flèche Nordique 2021
The next Flèche Nordique is scheduled to 2021 in the Whitsunday weekend starting at May 22 and finishing May 23. Depending on the Corona the form is yet to be decided. If it deviates from the normal regulations, it must be confirmed with ACP.

It does deviate from our normal regulations, but my suggestion to Sophie Matter (ACP) has been approved.

The final details are being ironed out. I can say this much.

1) The dates are the same as before, starting at May 22 at 10 am and finishing May 23, 10 am.
2) The event can be held in each country: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden (actually, even northern Germany, but I don't have Claus' address)
3) Ideally, one single finish in each country. But these aren't ideal times, so Ulf and I have arrived at each country can have 5 places of finish. These must be declared in advance, with a responsible representative for each.
4) Results must be transmitted to Ulf Sandberg in a timely manner (more later)
5) Pricing from ACN will be only to cover costs (medal and registration fee with ACP). If additional expenses arise locally, then local representatives will administer those.

As far as the dates go, we are aiming for this. But if worse comes to worst, we do have permission to reschedule. I would like to avoid that.

Otherwise, standard requirements concerning the course and the controls apply (last control 25 km and 2 hours out).

The courses should still be submitted to Ulf as usual, for approval.

In the spirit of the flèche, the finish should be in an attractive area. Nidaros and Holmenkollen come to mind in Norway, something like Munkebjerg in Denmark :-)

Anyway. Just so that you know that flèche can be held if you want to. The suggestion above (that has been approved) avoids the problems of crossing borders and the like.

If there is a curfew where cyclists cannot ride 24 hours straight, it will not be approved by ACP.

Hope all is well,
Daniel Ridings

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